1229 Titanium Ceramic Santoku Knife 5 inch

1229 Titanium Ceramic Santoku Knife 5 inch

Ceramic 5” Santoku Knife with Gold Titanium Nitride Coating. Santoku are general-purpose kitchen knives originating in Japan. Such cutlery is ideal for cutting fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and some other food products.

Buy here: http://finoak.com/knives/ceramic-kitchen-knives/SKU1229-5”Ceramic-Santoku-Knife-Titanium-Coated

Sorry for the poor camera quality, my youngest brother broke my tripod meaning I had to use my phone.

This was a Christmas present this year, it’s a 6.5″ Scalloped Santoku knife from the Shun Kaji range. Here are some quick specs:

– Mirror polished, pattern damascus cladding
– Core formed from SG-2 powder steel, approx. HRC 64-65
– Ebony Pakkawood handle
– Full tang construction
– Hand made in Seki City, Japan
– RRP is roughly £235 or in America 3

I’ll no doubt add some more videos showing this knife in action once I fix my tripod.

The next ones should be of far better quality, this was a bit of a rush job.

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  1. mike smith says:

    i have the Shun Kaji Kai KDM0031 SG2 Clad Western Cook's 8" Knife, love it. but i might sell it if anyone would like it. Its used, but i mirror polished it again, and put a nice 18 degree edge on it! 200 bucks if anyone is interested! its better than new.

  2. TheWheelofLife100 says:

    This knife is a cut above the rest.

  3. avarmauk says:

    Such a sexy knife, but I don't recommend actually having sex with it.

  4. Gabriel De Leon says:

    Did not know shun made a series in g2…that is gorgeous, not a huge fan of the handle though

  5. Scotty d'Angelo says:

    The Damascus cladding pattern is manufactured and entirely cosmetic. It's not 33 layers of steel, it's a forge laminated 3 layer knife. I just wanted you to know what you really have–a mass produced knife, with one of probably a dozen different patterns used in there manufacturing process.

  6. Artur Mamulian says:

    where can i buy this knife?

  7. Kaji ! says:

    Hmm… Kaji knife line, eh…?

  8. IrieIDam says:

    I'm fond of this knife, i've just bought one, but not received it yet ! Is it hard to sharp ? I'm wondering because of the SG2 steel seems to be pretty hard… Do you think I could sharp it with a ceramic diamond sharpener ? Or i'll have to buy a water or oil stone…

  9. Maki Role says:

    I usually sharpen it every 3-4 weeks, on stones 1k, 3k then finishing on 6k. Don't really see much point in going higher as I probably won't see the benefits. Sure I can do a video showing before and after sharpening to give an idea of how well it holds an edge, going to be a while before I can do that though sadly. Handle is merely a preference thing, I like smooth, know many who like textured instead though, at the end of the day choose what suits you really.

  10. Maki Role says:

    I certainly will, although it's going to be few weeks before I can upload any as I'm off to France in a couple of days.

  11. Anderson C says:

    Found out the Shun Kaji/Fuji aren't sold in Canada. Why? No idea. So if I want knives with SG2 steel I 'll have to buy the Reserves. Do like the handles. Though, I "think" I might prefer a textured handle (e.g. Fuji). The 8" Chef's is the same price…both $350 CAD. Or, do I save $62.00 and buy the Premier? Hmmm…

  12. Diogo Amorim says:

    the knife is beatuful. Could you please upload more videos showing how it performs?

  13. Anderson C says:

    Correction. You CAN buy Kaji/Fuji knives individually at WS. 🙂

  14. Anderson C says:

    As for textured handles…I'm assuming I'll prefer it (Fuji) over a smooth handle (Premier, Kaji).

    Have you sharpened your knife since? Maybe you could do your first video before you sharpen it…I'm assuming you'll use water stones.

    Great looking knife.Not sure why there's a $100 price difference between the Kaji Gyuto and the Fuji ($100 more).

  15. Maki Role says:

    I bought mine online so didn't have to opt for a set, the price was also dramatically lower so win-win there. I really do love the look of this knife, it's kept its mirror finish beautifully and the handle still looks like new, even after a year of pretty constant use. It's also very, very comfortable, which is naturally a huge bonus when preparing a lot of food.

  16. Maki Role says:

    Yeah I upgraded computers at the start of the year and in the process lost the footage that I was going to edit and upload sadly. I have been thinking about doing a '1 year on' video though instead. It's lasted incredibly well and I think people would be interested in seeing a knife that's actually been used for a while instead of being brand new like in this video. Personally I find the handle to be fine to work with, never been one for textured ones though, find they just annoy me a bit.

  17. Anderson C says:

    So where are the other videos? 🙂 Do you find the texture of the handle too smooth? Does it get slippery when your hand is wet? (not that I've done any prep work with wet hands).

    I might opt for the Fuji line for that reason. It has a textured handle. I'm assuming it's going to help. Just would have liked to have see 2 rivets in the handle like the Kaji line knives.

  18. Anderson C says:

    At least they aren't ridiculously priced for a SG2 steel knife. I thought the Kaji would have been 2-3x more expensive. And as for the handle…I don't see the base pressing into your palms if you have the correct knife grip. Prefer this look to the Premiers which I'm also looking at. Unfortunately, with the Kaji you can only buy in sets (according to WS).

  19. Dennis Steenssens says:

    @pieiscool12353 No 😉

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