Cutco Santoku Knife

Explaining the Cutco Santoku knife.
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Afila tus habilidades culinarias | Santoku Knife

Mira como Chef Carlos utiliza el cuchillo Santoku de 7” de la colección Culinario Series de Princess House. ¡Tú también puedes cortar, rebanar y picar como una profesional!
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12 Responses to Cutco Santoku Knife

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  2. Diamhea says:

    Why do they tell you guys to troll the net and argue with everyone that calls Vector out on their BS? Don't you all have better things to do, being big-time professional "salesmen".

  3. Jon Horvat says:

    And what have you done in your spare time at your job at McDonald's making minimum wage?

  4. Kristina Francisco says:

    I don't want to get into this with Diamhea, but if you don't have something nice to say then don't.
    Maybe you just don't like any kind of sales job.

    I love working for Vector, I have gained a lot of skills with them and set higher goals for myself. If you want to hate on a job that helps students like myself provide for their families then go ahead and hate.

  5. Diamhea says:

    Yup, you guys are one of a kind.

  6. Malcolm Murray says:

    don't be so jealous that you couldn't do what the hard working sales reps and managers of vector marketing do every single day

  7. Malcolm Murray says:

    haha, did you lose a job to someone who had vector management experience on their resume? Did you not get accepted for the job after an interview or something?

  8. Lance Douglas says:

    Diamhea, it's a Proven Company and business.. Diamhea=weak Sauce – haha

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  9. Diamhea says:

    Good job, keep doing what they tell you.

  10. BrentonMcMusiclover says:

    you are a douche bag

  11. ShitMyCatsOnFire says:

    @Diamhea What's our vector victor?

  12. Diamhea says:

    I can see he earned plenty of Vector's trophies. It is like a bunch of kids playing office acting like they are successful adults.

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