global knife santoku Testing the Global Santoku Knife. This little knife is perfect choice for garnishing and small fruits and vegetables. Order yours @ Chef Depot today.
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  1. Richard Crockett says:

    The reason you are being corrected to pronounce it as "San-tok-u" and not "Saan-tuu-ko" is because "Santoku" is a Japanese word, that is how it actually should be pronounced.

    Not being able to pronounce the name of the knife properly does not help you come across as a credible or knowledgeable person.

  2. Achilleseduced says:

    Dude you've been using the santoku WRONG haha. Instead of rock-chopping, i.e. bascally how you use a chef's knife by slicing back and forth while the nose of the blade doesnt leave the cutting surface, a santoku is designed for vertical straight tap-chop (by just moving the knife up and down and lift the knife up as soon as it touches the cutting surface), because a santoku has a much flatter and sharper blade than a chef's.

  3. Francisco Vazquez says:

    the guy should have sharpened the blade before the video… lol

  4. chefgiovanni says:

    love the fact that so many people repeat this word " SANTOKU "

  5. guguigugu says:

    it's santoku, not santuko!

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