How to use of the Japanese Santoku Chef Knife

How to use of the  Japanese Santoku Chef Knife

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This video demonstrates how to use your 8″ Fillet Knife from Rhineland Cutlery. The 8″ Santoku is ultimate in versatility! The 8″ blade is great for large vegetables like butternut squash and cabbage. Combines features of a cleaver with a chef’s knife and the granton edge flutes make paper thin slices while preventing food from sticking to blade.
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10 Responses to How to use of the Japanese Santoku Chef Knife

  1. nonameuser519 says:

    I felt this guy talked way too much.

  2. icyhotonmynuts says:

    That was incredibly boring to watch. The music made it worse.

  3. lectrosonics says:

    That thing at the end with the onion was especially cool. Thanks for this video!

  4. Ben Shao says:

    Everybody has his/her own technique, if it works for you, it doesn't mean it will work for everyone else. There is no exact and must-do "rule" to holding a knife, that's like saying all great artists held their brushes the exact same way.

  5. Bigbosos says:

    worst knife gripping ever?

  6. guguigugu says:

    i find using santoku knives to be much simpler and faster than using western-style chef's knives

  7. imperiumdiaboli says:

    Awesome music.

  8. Andy Mitchell says:

    Well done. A really nice demonstration, showing a variety of techniques. It is really great to see a knife being used to its specifications. Thank you!!

  9. drroberson4 says:

    Great tutorial!! Thank you!!

  10. 井上 真改 says:

    i prefer chef knife or usuba

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