[Review] Farberware Commercial 7 inch Santoku knife

[Review]  Farberware Commercial 7 inch Santoku knife

I am reviewing the 7 inch Santaku forged triple riveted knife from Farberware. Great knife and cheap. 10 to 12 bucks at Walmart. Great quality knife and will be perfect for home use. I recommend hand washing, but you can wash in dishwasher.

When it comes to clean eating, food preparation is half the battle. Having these basic knife skills in your back pocket will save you tons of time in the kitchen and make cooking all your healthy recipes quick and easy.

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21 Responses to [Review] Farberware Commercial 7 inch Santoku knife

  1. B Matza says:

    Were not allowed to have tape around the knives in our kitchen like that. FDA came is and spotted a knife with tape and it factors in our score.

  2. 1111TP1111 says:

    This is a santoku knife and is not design to cut food or anything in a rocking motion way like the German style chef's knifes are. Santoku knifes are meant to be used in a up and down rapid motion (especially the one on this video, since it is very flat). Sorry but it would be a good idea to mention that instead of showing people how not to use santoku knifes in the kitchen.

  3. Big Rocky says:

    I like they way you get right to the point and you always offer useful information, thanks!

  4. King Cat says:

    is that the wusthof santoku but unbranded?

  5. 1lapmagic says:


  6. couchpoet1 says:

    You rock dani!! Thank you!

  7. devolve42 says:

    The Rebecca Black of the kitchen. 

  8. Ed Bishop says:

    Dani, as a 63 year old gentleman I must say your skill and beauty are perfect. You  have won me over as a life time viewer. Thanks for all you give us and keep it up. Edward

  9. A Freethinker says:

    You use the Santoku as if it were a European chef's knife. Might as well have bought one ms. Spies.

  10. Andrew Jackson says:

    Apparently it's a santuko because of the granton edge. I thought all styles could have that edge actually. My Hatori Santoku doesn't have that edge, guess he doesn't know how to make them properly.

  11. Frank C says:

    Point 1 = So wrong!!!!!!
    Point 2 = People didn't tune in to see her boobs!
    Point 3 = Learn how to place your words correctly before writing!

  12. Frank C says:

    I love my Shun Santoku, it has more of a curve then most of them, and can easily be used in a rocking motion!! chiquepilot, you are a total asshole with no knowlege of how to use knives!!!

  13. ZerkaS says:

    A "santuko"? Really? -_-

  14. Sulaymonbek Shamansurov says:

    Awesome thanks

  15. Zuheyr Alsalihi says:

    Great thank you!

  16. Nadeem Aibani says:

    her other vid said she reaches for her 8 inch chef knife 99% of the time!!

  17. Phil Noel says:

    I like you , you are very watchable …

  18. Jessica Corwin says:

    Fantastic overview. Thankyou!


    Hubbu Hubbu;)

  20. Skrill X says:

    this knife is crap. the normal chef's knife is better than this 'sontoku' crap.

  21. Roar says:

    Came from Ariyelle…. life changing stuff.

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