Shun Cutlery Santoku 7.5″ unboxing and review. Sharpest Knife

Our sharpest knife we have ever had. Buy shun knives at Amazon on the following links.

Shun Sora Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch
Shun Premier Nakiri Knife, 5.5-Inch
Shun Sora Paring Knife, 3-1/2-Inch

Below is the equipment I used to make this video.

Canon S110 –
Adobe Premier Elements –
Olympus Voice Recorder –

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11 Responses to Shun Cutlery Santoku 7.5″ unboxing and review. Sharpest Knife

  1. whoisthatguy1000 says:

    This video should be called "We Bought a Knife"

  2. Looking for truth says:

    How many chips have you put on the edge so far?

  3. LoveGixx says:

    .. why would one ask to read the warranty!?.. be very careful with the Shun Classic knives.. they are extremely sharp.. the designed is called damascus.. i highly recommend watching tutorial videos on how to properly chop.. you will cut yourself.. check out Alton Browns video on Shun cutlery.. i own both a line of Shun and Wusthof Classic Ikon.. great choice in choosing Shun..

  4. wayne thibodeau says:

    That was scary, I was cringing during the whole video. Glad nobody got hurt.

  5. MagpulSqwerl says:

    It's sad how the knife is being used, please watch some knife technique videos, you'll probably cut off your finger tips if you keep using it like that 

  6. basher50 says:

    do you still have all your fingers?

  7. D. Sparks says:

    Hello!  I've been a BIG Shun fan, and have 4, for aboiut 7 years now. By far my fav is the Santoku, but you NEED to really take care in handeling them. As you noticed they come purdy darn sharp outta the box 😉
    Small suggestion: watch Alton Brown's videos here on youtube concerning the Shun 😉
    Good luck, take care and have fun!

  8. Carlin Lusk says:

    The way that knife was being handles scared the crap out of me…

  9. Jeff Chevalier says:

    Hi, watch some videos on knife skills etc.  I was expecting blood at 1:45, lol.  I know it's new, but you're going to cut yourself BADLY or damage the knife the way you're handling it.  Like you said.. very sharp.  Also, don't slam it down like you did at 3:10.  Hard on the knife. as they can be very fragile as they are brittle.  Have fun, good luck with the new toy :)

  10. xenonburst says:

    P.S. don't use a cheap sharpener like disc sharpeners or V-type sharpeners since these are for cheap knives that need 22° or higher angles.  Japanese knives are cut from super sharp angle of 10 to 12° or in your case, your Shun is sharpened at 15 to 16°. If you sharpen your Shun with these V-type of disc type sharpeners, you will damage your knife edge and it will be hard to put the 15 to16° back on since the metal is super hard.

  11. bingobongo445 says:

    Use a wood cutting board, plastic is murder on these knives. 

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