Victorinox Swiss Classic Santoku knife – 6.8503.17

In any case I can not say I use a kitchen knife properly, but in the end the video is meant to illustrate primarily and mostly what the knife is capable of ….

Jack Scalfani learns knife skills from Cordon Bleu Chef Elizabeth Whitt. Her webpage link is:
The knife in the video is a Shun Santoku 7″ knife.
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  1. Yehoshua Jason D. Stone says:

    Nice video! I have an old 10" Rosewood handle Victorianox Chef's knife, and it performs great. This brand if knife has gotten very good reviews and if you factor in the price it is even better. How do like how this knife cuts? I was thinking of getting one.

  2. Dan Schwemin Jr says:

    do you think you could tone down the background music a bit? It's wayyy louder than the sound of you cutting!

  3. linlex100 says:

    Thank you.

  4. Carson Tsui says:

    I never have to "saw" anything with my Shun knives… I don't understand

  5. Mpompos Xtenas says:

    blablablablabalab stupid

  6. Ann Andreas says:

    u guys are brutal

  7. Toby Wong says:

    I like to saw also, good tactic. It's like taking a moment to breathe in some flowers

  8. 123hiroya says:

    Santoku no chopping…………

  9. MagpulSqwerl says:

    plus her knife is dull. you can tell when she cuts the onion. a shun knife if properly sharpened, you shouldn't be "sawing" down

  10. MagpulSqwerl says:

    when she cuts the celery it bothers me. when she starts to go faster her cuts aren't consistent. shes obviously not a graduate from a culinary school, and probably not even a teacher with those awful knife skills. and it's a honing stone not a sharpener. it tunes the blade not sharpen it. morons.

  11. TheMrVengeance says:

    I bet she found that Cordon Bleu apron at a garage sale, and is now scamming people out of there money. You slice an onion into slices, you don't saw it into ..sawses? And who spreads out there fingers like that when you "claw" grip. To be honest her garlic press comment says it all. Any "chef" that would take a press over a knife because it crushes/minces better has zero knife skills.
    I've seen professional chefs slice/mince garlic so fine with a knife, it's almost a paste. But she needs the press, and leaves the $120 knife at home.

  12. IgNoRaNcEbLoWs says:

    Jack I would like to say I love your balance with this guest. What I mean by that is that you have exactly the right amount of light heartedness and humor to make the situation seem fun and not awkward, while also maintaining the perfect amount of respect for the guest and making sure she gets all the information out. I really enjoyed this.

  13. Crazywaffles9 says:

    It's all about how thin the food is to jack

  14. MoneyCashMillionaire says:

    i pray fot the god i dont believe in for those who take this womans knife skills seriously… this clip should have a discaimer, its really that bad… if i cut the 40+ tomatoes using her guidance.. id know way too many nurses names… jamie Oliver has a much more real, and kinda inspiring video, and also Alton Brown explains knives and usage aand technique… its worth looking up highlights on both

  15. Bloodspiller777 says:

    It still slices? That's a knife being sawed through an onion. DUH IT SLICES!

  16. Aaron H says:

    These two are so dumb it….
    -knives are "blades" with a handle….
    -Sharp knives have an "edge"…
    -The "steel hardness" is what determines how well a blade holds it's edge.
    -You can buy amazing chef knives for $1 or $100…
    -Sharpening stones… add a sharp edge by taking metal off the blade
    -Honing rods… straighten the sharp edge back into place
    -And a Chef who leaves her knife at home but brings a garlic press… is not a chef…. you can press garlic with your knife…

  17. Khoan Vong says:

    a cleaver for me anytime…

  18. mario mitchell says:

    hated this video due to the fact she pretty much did everything you are not to do in the kitchen. Any real LCB grad would one have ther hate and know that a steel isn't for sharpening a knife. I'm a culinary institute of america grad and know I could have done better. she is just trying to fill her classw

  19. Jawad Ibrahim says:

    Loved the intro…

  20. Spicetruck (Nari) says:

    There are useful tips but could be lot better/

    1. If you are using a plastic cutting board on any smooth kitchen countertop or table, use a kitchen towel underneath the board. Keeps it from slipping.

    2 .If you CUT the onion in half first, then remove the "edges" you lose less material. Also any sharp knife of that blade size, should go through an onion easily. No need to "saw".

    3. Sometimes it is better to have your onions slightly bigger sized pieces, they are cooked but still crunchier, tastes better.

    4. If you do a lot of chopping, invest in cut resistant gloves.

    5. Chewing some gum helps you avoid crying during onion cutting, but watching this video made me cry!

    6. You don't need to buy a "stone". You find a stone- that are available in the nature but avoid sandstone etc if possible. While at it, please read about Mohs Hardness scale! You will figure out what stone works best!

  21. David van Ramshorst says:

    kind of a disgrace….

    if she actually had a sharp knive she woudnt have to "saw" through the onion…
    and the clawing methode is really housewife style…

  22. drk321 says:

    This video begs the question: "Why, Jack Scalfani, do you think you are qualified to teach?"

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