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Santoku Knives: The Best Knife You Can Own
Knives are an essential item in our kitchens to help us chop, dice, and everything in-between to prepare our meals each and every day. You can typically find knife sets and other knives almost everywhere you go that offers a small kitchen department. However, there is one knife you may or may not find within these departments that you should have within your arsenal of kitchen tools for your food preparation needs. What is that one item? It’s a Santoku knife. What makes one of these knives so important to any kitchen’s inventory? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss.
One of the first aspects you’ve probably noticed if you’ve come upon a Santoku knife is the difference in its shape compared to other cutting knives. Most Santoku blades range between five and seven inches long with a point that nears an angle of 60 degrees originating from the blade’s curvature. Most blades are in line with the handle and is best known for slicing, dicing, and mincing with the shape of the blade. In fact, that’s how the knife has gotten its name based on these three tasks that it can perform quite easily. For a kitchen knife, you won’t find one more balanced between the handle and the blade itself.
Most of the Santoku knives available on the market are made from some of the best cutlery steel alloys that allow for the resistance of rust, corrosion, and discoloration from regular and/or frequent use. This is highly useful for those of us that depend on our knives for most of our preparation work compared to just using a food processor. Most knives on the market start to show their age within a relatively short amount of time when one goes for the cheapest set they can find. The great thing about most Santoku knives is that even the most inexpensive knives are still the best knives. They don’t rust or corrode from the oils you’ll typically use and find in a kitchen and they’re also good for both hot and cold temperatures. This is a wonderful aspect since most knives can’t go from hot to cold and back to hot without worrying about the effects the two extremes are wielding upon the blade of most ordinary kitchen knives.
Not only are these knives made to last without worrying about damage that comes with frequent use and age, these knives also provide some other aspects that make them the perfect addition to any kitchen. Since the Santoku knife is made for balance between the blade and handle, you’ll find that the gripping of this knife is one you can do with ease and peace of mind that it’s going stay where you want it, even if you happen to have wet hands as you work your way through all types of foods with this knife. The grip of the knife isn’t the only function that you’ll find through the balance, but you’ll also find the stability you want in your knife to help prevent injuries as you’re cutting up the foods you need for the meal you’re preparing.
The use of same steel alloys that help the blade resist rust and corrosion are the same steel alloys that aid in keeping this same blade sharper longer than most other knives. The key to keeping the sharpness of your Santoku knife lasting longer is ensuring that you’re using the knife correctly as you work your way through its many functions. When you achieve the right technique for this knife, you’ll soon discover that the blade’s sharpness is also working with you to great one of the most efficient knives you can own as you chop and cut your way through all of the vegetables, meats, and fruits that you’re using for your meal preparation.
While many Santoku knives are becoming dishwasher safe, it’s still highly recommended that they be hand washed instead. The reason for this is that you can keep the blade sharper longer by not subjecting the knife to the high temperatures and humidity within the dishwasher. Even though they’re made for cold and hot temperatures when you’re preparing your meal, the heat and humidity within a dishwasher is a completely different atmosphere that does more damage over time than what your Santoku knife will through every day use. So, to protect your investment, you’ll want to take the extra precaution and wash your knife by hand. They’re so easy to clean that cleaning it by hand won’t take long or hardly any extra work to make a true difference.
When you’ve brought home your new knife, you’ll find yourself eager to try out all of the Santoku knife uses you can find. Known for chopping, dicing, slicing, and mincing, you’ll soon discover that this knife can handle most meats, fish, vegetables, and even fruits as you pull them out for snacks or for your upcoming meal. Since they’re made to resist the damaging effects of acids, juices, oils, and other elements, you won’t have to worry about the blade becoming victim to these elements, experiencing rust or corrosion like other knives you’ll find on the market. These blades can make quick work of different foods and prepare them to some of the smallest pieces you could ever want for your meal. They’re perfect for preparing vegetables for soups, stir fries, and those for casseroles as you slice, dice, and mince according to the recipe’s instructions.
Most models are now equipped and packaged with a plastic protective sleeve that can be placed over the blade when the knife isn’t in use, keeping the blade stronger and sharper longer. The reasons for the sleeve is so the blade isn’t rubbing against another utensil or the side of a drawer. It’s also to keep other utensils from wielding their own destruction upon the blade and causing the blade to wear unevenly or sooner than it should. However, when you find that the time has come for a sharpening, you can find a decent sharpener or send it back to the manufacturer for a sharpening of the blade. Not all manufacturers do this, but it’s an excellent selling point for the ones that do.
As you search for the perfect Santoku knife, you’ll soon discover there are many on the market that can be found if you know where to look. You can find one for almost any budget, making this knife a must-have in most homes. In fact, when you find the right Santoku knife for your kitchen, you may find yourself dumping most of the knives you have in your inventory as this knife quickly shows you how much more effective and efficient it is compared to the others within your home. When you’re searching, you want one made from the best steel alloy so you can ensure that it won’t rust, corrode, or discolor from age and frequent usage. You also want one that’s well-balanced so you know you’re getting the real knife and not a knock-off. With the right knife, you won’t have a need for another knife as the blade stays sharp far longer than most other knives on the market. So, don’t wait until you can’t find one that suits you and your budget, wasting your time with inferior knives. With some of the best options in Santoku knives, you’ll find one that works for you, your needs, and your budget.

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