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How to use of the Japanese Santoku Chef Knife

How to use of the  Japanese Santoku Chef Knife

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This video demonstrates how to use your 8″ Fillet Knife from Rhineland Cutlery. The 8″ Santoku is ultimate in versatility! The 8″ blade is great for large vegetables like butternut squash and cabbage. Combines features of a cleaver with a chef’s knife and the granton edge flutes make paper thin slices while preventing food from sticking to blade.
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How to Use Chef Knives : How to Use a Santoku Knife

Using a santoku knife to slice a tomato and the technique for holding the knife; tips, tricks and more in this free online cooking video that will teach you about chef knives with tips from an expert.

Expert: Laura Banford
Bio: Laura has cooked professionally for many years, including as a garde manger in a restaurant kitchen, and as a cooking instructor.
Filmmaker: Laura Banford
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