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Forging santoku Kaminari Knives -/ 雷の包丁を作ります

Making of Kaminari kitchen knives.
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Wüsthof Classic Santoku Knife
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Santoku Knife – The Best Santoku Knife Trial

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How exactly is a knife not the same as the chefs knife? The solution can be within the indentations to the blade, as it pertains to the santoku knife. This makes the blade of the santoku knife and also air-pockets between the food.

Various other differences between a santoku knife along with a chef’s knife would be the wider blade which makes it-great for transferring and scooping foods. The santoku knife blade is made from much tougher metal for them to be produced much thinner when compared to an average chef’s knife

As you may think the background of the knife isn’t as old. So we’re taking a look at a period of time around the 1930s. On a large enough time scale should it is put by you so it’s relatively new. The santoku knife is actually a response to that particular knife. The appeal of the knife took off and today we see celeb chef’s with their particular distinct santoku knives in each of the largest shops.

On the essence of the knife this sheds a little light. Flexibility. That is should you ever use one and obviously not an one-trick knife, you’ll know from experience.

The Chef’s Knife

As it pertains to preparing meals in the kitchen, the chef’s knife is just about the very first tool you’ll to consider. Lots of care and effort must go into ensuring a chef’s knife will remain in peak condition. This can ensure it is definitely going to be an effective device again and again.

Metal is used since it’s extremely strong too as resistand to rust and water. A high-carbon steel blade will be somewhat difficult to sharpen, but will stay sharp for extended periods of use. A carbon will be much simpler to sharpen, but will shed its blade much faster.

The chef’s knife has lots of history in Europe. This really is evident within both different blade styles the knife can usually present in. There are German and French blades. Both have their reasons, even though individual choice which design to use is quite important.

These are a few of the major differences in regards to santoku and chef’s knives. If you’re trying to find an all-around kitchen performer the knife will probably be ideal. A passionate chef’s knife will probably be ideal for large cooking where lots of precision slicing and dicing is named for.

See the Santoku Knives Rankings list for many comprehensive reviews, if your knife is a bit more your style.

Today from this movie you will qualified to obtain a trial with this amazing santoku knife at no cost whatsoever, to get your own s all you must accomplish would be to get your own free santoku knife and follow the link over the description. Take a look at the video at a demonstration of what a knife does and the way that it could be quite awesome for cooking. Not just that, but when you get the santoku knife free trial you will also receive for free the ultimate salt and pepper mill along with the trial purchase.


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Santoku Knife by F. Dick, Showcased by Chef Dangoor -- TigerChef

The F. Dick Santoku Knife showcased by renowned video blogger for http://tigerchef.com and chef extraordinaire Danny Dangoor.
This F. Dick Santoku Knife is the perfectly balanced knife for professional chefs who will notice and feel the difference. In the video we are shown what a perfectly balance knife actually means.
This knife also has some unique design elements such as the specially designed blade which will speed up slicing food without the food sticking to it.

To see this Santoku knife at our site, please go to: http://www.tigerchef.com/fdick-8194218k-7-santoku-knife.html

To view our line of the best Santoku Knives, visit http://www.tigerchef.com/santoku-knives.html

For one stop restaurant supply and equipment, turn to http://tigerchef.com
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Al Mar Santoku Knife review

From the A.G Russell Knifes website:
The Ultra-Chef Knives in Cocobolo are classic in design and state-of-the-art in performance. Each blade, except the bread knife, is 33 individual layers of stainless steel – 16 layers per side plus the center layer of VG-10 Cobalt stainless steel hardened to a Rockwell of 60-62. These knives are incredibly strong, light in the hand, well balanced and extremely sharp. The handles are made from select Cocobolo, long considered one of the world’s most beautiful exotic hardwoods. Each knife is individually gift boxed. Made in Japan.
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http://chefdepot.com/cleavers.htm Santoku knife and cleaver sale.
http://www.chefdepot.com/DMTproducts.htm Diamond sharpeners & sharpening guides are in stock. Subscribe and visit the site ! copyright 2012 Chef Depot inc.

How To Use a Santoku Knife

The most all-purpose knife. Chris shows us how to make dicing a pleasure! Learn more and shop our store at: capehartcutlery.com
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Sakai Takayuki santoku sharpening and stone flattening

My vg10 santoku had a (very sharp) factory edge. I really don’t like those secondary V-edge bevels. I always go for a high convex and if necessary I go for a secondary convex which is stronger and cuts better than a secondary v-edge.

My stones”:
naniwa chosera 400
naniwa chosera 1000
naniwa chosera 3000
naniwa snow white 8000

Other stuff:
Naniwa coarse flattening stone
Siliciumcarbide powder
Nagura Tenjou
Nagura Mejiro
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The different knives from Wusthof

Jens Woitzik, member of the German National Team of Chefs shows how to use the different knives from Wüsthof: cook’s knife, bread knife, super slicer, Santoku, chinese chef’s knife, sausage knife, boning knife, paring knife, peeling knife, tomato knife, decorating knife, sharpening steel, diamond knife sharpener, whetstone, etc.
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How to Use Chef Knives : How to Use a Santoku Knife

Using a santoku knife to slice a tomato and the technique for holding the knife; tips, tricks and more in this free online cooking video that will teach you about chef knives with tips from an expert.

Expert: Laura Banford
Bio: Laura has cooked professionally for many years, including as a garde manger in a restaurant kitchen, and as a cooking instructor.
Filmmaker: Laura Banford
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Suncraft Santoku Kitchen Knife

Suncraft Santoku Kitchen Knife

The Suncraft Dot Suntoku Knife is the latest product of Kawashima Industries (Suncraft) based in Seki, Gifu, Japan. This promotion video was played during this year’s Frankfurt Ambiente Fair in February. In the video Chef Shuji Ozeki based also in Seki demonstrates his knife skills using the Suncraft’s new product. This video was also played during the Chicago House Ware Show in March. In April this year Shuji’s avatar will appear in Singapore and Tokyo’s upmarket department stores.

中新田打刃物 Japanese kitchen Knife Making by Michio Ishikawa[the Fourth] santoku knives cuchillo japones

中新田打刃物 Japanese kitchen Knife Making by Michio Ishikawa[the Fourth] santoku knives cuchillo japones

movie location

online shop

Traditional Craftwork of Miyagi Prefectural.
These tools reportedly originated when a master tool maker of edged tools in the Sendai fief made a sickle for the town of Nakaniida. The edged tools of Nakaniida,originally produced between 1661 and 1673,especially the sickles and the kitchen knives,are well-known for their sharpness and ease in handling.

It is a tradition technique to strengthen steel by [Karauchi] and to quench it.
It may be hard to understand it by the movie, it is doing 3 times of [Karauchi]
Traditional techniques of this Nakaniida Traditional Blades is also about 300 years , but Mr.Ishikawa last blacksmiths.

宮城県知事指定伝統的工芸品 中新田打刃物の製作映像です。

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Santoku VS. Chef’s Knife – Which Is Better?

Santoku VS. Chef's Knife - Which Is Better?

A quick video talking about the simple differences between the Santoku knife and the Chef’s knife. The knives demonstrated are the Wusthof Precision Line, found exclusively at Williams-Sonoma at the following links:
Chef’s Knife:

Santoku knife made by 80CRv2 tool steel. My vision of a Japanese kitchen blade.

Music from Adrian Ziegler

Trollsky custom knives on Facebook


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